10 Tips to Strengthen Your Network Performance

Strengthen your Network Performance

Regardless of your industry, your business needs quality network services to support communication, customer service, and internal workflows. A fast, responsive network helps you work more efficiently rather than slowing you down with unnecessary bottlenecks. 

Ready to strengthen your network performance? Check out these 10 tips: 

Tip #1: Look into Wi-Fi as a Service.

Offering similar advantages as Software as a Service (SaaS), the Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) model helps you save money on equipment and internal IT costs while providing reliable Wi-Fi, fast troubleshooting, and more predictable monthly costs. 

Tip #2: Work with Specialists. 

When choosing, installing, or upgrading network equipment, avoid working with a generalist. While generalists may know about network systems, they don’t have the extensive experience and knowledge base of professionals who specialize in this area. To safeguard your network performance, insist on experienced enterprise network specialists and engineers. 

Tip #3: Monitor Bandwidth Traffic and Loads

To optimize your network’s bandwidth, you need to understand which individuals, departments, or applications are consuming the most bandwidth, so you can make informed decisions about where to allocate more network resources and where to limit bandwidth availability. 

Tip #4: Invest in Bandwidth Maximization Tools

Ever-expanding applications will most likely hit your bandwidth limits and slow the rest of your traffic. You can always upgrade your network infrastructure, but often expanding the network for a handful of applications doesn’t make sense. Instead, use bandwidth maximization tools to better monitor traffic and help limit bandwidth availability to certain applications.

Tip #5: Manage the Timing of Demand.

Networks get easily overwhelmed when multiple applications produce data-intensive demands at the same time. When possible, try to manage the timing of demand by scheduling batch processing, network backups, and similar tasks in the evening or on different days as other intensive tasks. 

Tip #6: Explore Cloud-Based Applications

Suppose you’re hosting the majority of your applications on your own servers. In that case, you’re likely mired in a cycle of overcapacity and undersupply. Meaning, you invest in infrastructure to support your applications, reach the limit of your infrastructure, invest in more infrastructure, and continue the process indefinitely. In contrast, with cloud-based applications, you get metered applications that provide scalable services at a predictable cost without locking you in a cycle of expense peaks and service quality troughs. 

Tip #7: Use Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based document storage with multi-user access and file permission groups eliminates the bandwidth drain of sending email attachments and storing multiple versions of the same file on your own servers. 

Tip #8: Minimize Personal Use

Non-business use of your internet can disrupt network performance. Make sure your employees aren’t straining the network with personal use (streaming services, for example) and create a separate network for guests. 

Tip #9: Balance Your Loads

When you exclusively use extra servers for overflow, your traffic gets focused on a single link and then switches abruptly, which can compromise network quality. Load balancing helps you lower and equalize the loads across all your channels. 

Tip # 10: Configure Devices Correctly

When installing or updating devices, make sure they’re configured correctly to communicate properly with the other devices on your network. Configuration errors can cause routing issues and increase latency. 

Subpar network performance can reduce productivity, disrupt communication, and impair customer relationships. To protect your bottom line, and strengthen your network performance, you need the most robust network possible. 

At HarborTech, we provide expert-level enterprise network management and services. To learn more about our Tidal- Managed services platform, contact us today. 

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