4 hybrid IT strategy tips for SMB’s

Hybrid IT

For many SMB’s implementing a hybrid IT architecture can present significant challenges to business operations. This is especially true if you have limited funds and insufficient IT staff to deploy the project successfully. HarborTech Mobility has the right end-end networking solution for SMB’s. We become an extension of your team and help you reach your IT goals.

As SMBs struggle to build a hybrid IT infrastructure, here are four critical tips that will help build a hybrid solution in a simple, secure and affordable way.

  1. Select Hardware that can support your goals

As you capture more information about your customers and your business, you can expect your data to grow exponentially. You’ll need the right hardware to derive actionable insights from the data you amass, as well as to provide your customers with enhanced digital experiences.

Our solutions have networking hardware which is agile enough to handle both traditional on-premises applications and cloud applications as well. As your company grows, HarborTech Mobility can support your future IT goals with our networking solutions.

  1. Consider and take decisions that support the business

You’ll have to determine which applications to host in the cloud and which to keep on premises. Consider keeping mission-critical applications close to your users at your headquarters. This may include financial applications or data that are governed by federal or state regulations.

  1. Find a right IT partner

Making the transition to a hybrid IT solution can be challenging, especially for SMBs with fewer than 100 employees. For example, managed service providers (MSPs), like HarborTech Mobility can help you augment your team’s IT skills. We can also support daily tasks such as installation, IT integration services, and the management of selected workloads and services.

  1. Secure your small business IT solutions

Every business operating in today’s digital world knows that a data breach can be financially burdensome and can damage a company’s reputation irreparably. Our networking appliance has integrated firewall and security. We will automatically notify you if SLE falls below acceptable levels and provide remedial measures to resolve the issue.

HarborTech Mobility can help you choose the right hardware and supporting programs that will make your hybrid IT architecture secure, easy to use, and affordable. For more information on how to implement a hybrid IT project that can drive innovation in your company’s operations, contact us today!

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