5 Questions to answer before planning your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi network planning

HarborTech Mobility is an industry leader in Wi-Fi networking solutions, network architecture design, global IT deployments and IT managed services. We have listed the following five questions that can help you plan your network.

  1. Network Coverage:

When planning a new network or expanding your current network, the first step is to determine your wireless network coverage. You should anticipate your future coverage expansions along with your current coverage needs. Also, identify any hard-to-cover areas that may require special design considerations.

  1. Network Capacity:

You should know how many users are going to access the network and what is their required bandwidth. Generally, each user carries at least three devices – a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. The expected number of active devices will help you determine the access point density and network design requirements.

  1. Applications:

Identify who will access your network, the application types and their bandwidth requirements, as well as any specific features which may be required, such as QoS for voice or video. This will help you understand what applications should be supported or allowed on your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Network Security

All organizations are different. You should know what network security your organization demands. You should evaluate if you need a solution with integrated and automated security controls and intrusion detection to help protect business data from malware, unauthorized users and online threats.

  1. Network Management

Designing and deploying a network is just the initial steps. As part of the process, you must determine how will the network be managed and monitored for smooth operations. You will need to analyze if you have the resources to manage your network or, is a managed services provider a better solution.

For more following information check out 10 steps in designing a secure enterprise network.

At HarborTech Mobility our team will step you through the process to define your Wi-Fi network and design a secure enterprise solution.   HarborTech Mobility can provide end to end network solutions, or we can assist at any stage of your network lifecycle.  Please contact us for more information.

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