5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Cloud-Managed Network Solution

IT departments today are being asked to help drive business initiatives, leaving them short on time and resources required to manage the network. In addition, smaller organizations often lack the IT resources or expertise to manage the wireless network. So, many organizations are turning to the cloud for a simplified way to manage and optimize their network. HarborTech Mobility has highlighted the following 5 questions that your organization should consider when evaluating a cloud-managed networking solution.

  1. Can the solution adapt to your changing business needs?

It is essential to choose a management solution with flexible hardware and firmware agnostic architecture that can transform with your business. Look for a solution that leverages your existing infrastructure and can manage the same access points and switches for both on-premise and cloud deployments to eliminate architecture lock-in and allow you to move from cloud to on-premise (or vice versa) without expensive hardware and software rip-and-replace.

  1. How easy is the solution to deploy and use?

Organizations should look for a solution that offers a simple, streamlined interface and has default values that are pre-provisioned by the cloud software. It should help you automatically provision and distribute firmware to switches and APs, set app policies and make simple configuration changes to adjust your network to your changing business needs. It must allow anyone to start managing the wireless network from the cloud platform from any device in a few steps.

  1. How quickly can you enable remote sites?

Quick enablement of remote branch office sites is a vital requirement. Organizations should look for a solution that allows IT to manage multiple franchises from one centralized management dashboard and easily delegate control over some things to remote sites while ensuring that ultimate control of the wireless network is retained within IT. A solution that automatically recognizes and provisions new sites will ensure a quick and seamless set-up of multiple franchises.

  1. Can you easily ensure that the right apps receive network prioritization?

A solution that allows you to see the application categories by throughput will help you easily understand what users are doing and what apps are being run so you can determine which apps are critical and which should be blocked; allowing you to provide a positive quality of experience. Organizations must look for a solution that goes beyond app visibility to enable you to control app traffic with the simple creation of policies for each app group. This means you can create as many policies as you want to increase the performance of business-critical apps without having to sacrifice the performance of the network.

  1. Does the vendor offer an affordable business model?

A cloud-managed network solution appeals to those organizations starting out small and looking for a solution that will scale over time, as well as those with geographically dispersed organizations. Look for a solution that is built from the ground up to offer a true multi-tenant service that expands and contracts dynamically as your business transforms by offering pay-as-you-grow network expansion.

HarborTech Mobility can provide a simple cloud-managed networking solution to view, control and manage your wireless network according to your organization’s requirements. We can also be an extension to your IT team and manage your network, allowing you to focus on growing your business. For more information call us today on 425-424-0444.

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