Enterprise Networking

Today advanced technologies such as automation, machine learning, and IoT continue to gain significant traction. It is important to stay on top of these trends. HarborTech Mobility can help you make the right strategic decisions around your enterprise network to enable digital growth while remaining stable and secure.


  1. Network as a Strategic Enabler of Digital Technology

Digital transformation positions enterprises to innovate faster, become more agile and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. To keep pace, networks are going to need to improve with respect to resiliency and dynamism to support the speed of business while meeting the demands of end users and customers.

  1. Security

Today’s network security environment is a virulent one, and high-profile breaches are on the rise. Threats on critical infrastructure are also on the rise – requiring much more vigilance from governments and corporations who manage this infrastructure.

  1. Analytics and Machine Learning

As networks continue to grow in complexity, lack of visibility and insight into their operations persist. The use of analytics and machine learning to predict and prevent network failures is on the rise. By 2021, over 50% of enterprise infrastructure will use some form of cognitive and artificial intelligence to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and manage risk.

  1. Automation

The manual entry of commands by humans often results in outages because of misconfigured network devices. The objective behind automation is really to generate autonomous processes, allowing the network to execute essential activities without human intervention. Integrating automation tools into network operations can accelerate workflows and automate manual processes, helping your networking team focus on more strategic projects.

  1. IoT Security and Management

IoT growth is exploding across most industries, particularly in retail, healthcare and industrial/supply chain. It’s important to note, advanced analytics and machine learning are well poised to help manage the fragmentation and widespread adoption of IoT, as well as potential security concerns. Much of the difficulty with IoT lies in finding a systematic method for collecting, storing and analyzing the data it generates, whether to improve processes or achieve other business goals.

  1. Wireless

Given that all businesses rely on uninterrupted, unending connectivity, wireless is everywhere today, and it’s increasing as a form of access at an unprecedented rate. IoT is a major contributor to wireless growth as the vast majority of IoT devices are connecting via wireless.

  1. Edge Computing

Edge computing is a major development on the rise due to the growth of IoT and sensors. Essentially, edge computing can be described as the migration of computing to the periphery of the network, away from centralized points, to decrease the volume of data that must travel from the device/sensor to the server, as well as, the distance that data must travel.

  1. Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud, hybrid IT strategies and multi-cloud services are heavily influencing the way the enterprise network is delivered. While trends like edge computing and digital transformation continue, cloud and hybrid IT make more sense than ever. Infrastructure as a Service is becoming the preferred method for delivering IT resources such as compute, storage and networking.

  1. Virtual Network Operating Systems and Containers

Containerized applications will be front and center this year as their use cases continue to expand. In comparison to Virtual Machines, Containers are a significantly lighter weight method for running applications and services since multiple containers can share a single OS.

 With the enterprise network becoming more and more critical to the success of your business, there’s no better time to be prepared to evaluate the technologies that will set you up for success as digital transformation continues to progress. Where are you in your digital transformation, and what have you done to modernize and optimize your network? HarborTech Mobility can help you. Interested in exploring how to improve the strength and efficiency of your network, contact us today.

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