Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 21 November 2020| Networking, Partner News
HarborTech Celebrates partnership with Aruba Networks

For almost a decade, HarborTech has been a proud partner of Aruba (A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), covering the Pacific Northwest. From healthcare and manufacturing, to non-profit organizations and education, organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle with similar challenges: Reliable ConnectivityBandwidth AvailabilitySecurityDevice DeploymentCloud Adoption It’s no mistake that we’ve been advocates of the Aruba...

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Improve Warehouse Asset Tracking with Industrial Scanners
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 24 August 2020| Solutions
Improve Warehouse Asset Tracking with Industrial Scanners

Nowadays, barcodes and barcode scanning are virtually everywhere. All products, including industrial equipment, have barcodes, which can embed a vast amount of information for your business. By using the right barcode scanner, you can generate valuable data sets, improve asset tracking and management, and expedite decision-making. What is a Barcode? A barcode is a machine-readable...

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Strengthen your Network Performance
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 10 August 2020| Business Insights, Offerings
10 Tips to Strengthen Your Network Performance

Regardless of your industry, your business needs quality network services to support communication, customer service, and internal workflows. A fast, responsive network helps you work more efficiently rather than slowing you down with unnecessary bottlenecks.  Ready to strengthen your network performance? Check out these 10 tips:  Tip #1: Look into Wi-Fi as a Service. Offering...

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Enterprise-level Wi-Fi for SMB's
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 10 July 2020| Services, Solutions
Bringing Enterprise-Level Wi-Fi to SMB’s

Technology is evolving very rapidly, and with the most recent changes our world is experiencing, wireless technology is being put to task.  For a small business, one of the biggest challenges is achieving enterprise-level performance on a Wi-Fi network. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which SMB’s can overcome the obstacles faced...

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Mobile Device Deployment and Management
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 25 June 2020| Partner News, Solutions
Simplify Mobile Device Deployment and Management with Zebra and Tidal

Anyone who’s ever deployed and managed mobile devices in a business environment knows how challenging and complicated it can be. HarborTech Mobility along with our partner Zebra Technologies brings to you the best solutions and services required for your mobile device deployment and management. Fortunately, enterprise mobility management tools help automate and simplify device management,...

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E-Rate Program +Managed Wi-Fi
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 11 June 2020| Education, Solutions
How to Provide Fast School Wi-Fi with the E-Rate Program

In 2020 we’ve seen an enormous shift toward digital learning as schools have closed and moved to online classes and interactions during COVID-19 lockdowns. That trend is likely to continue once schools reopen and resume on-site classes, as administrators and teachers look to leverage the advantages of online learning portals and testing, digital textbooks, mobile...

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IT headaches
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 27 May 2020| Services, Solutions
Saving Costs and IT Headaches with Wi-Fi as a Service

As companies grapple with the financial impact of COVID-19, many are looking for opportunities to save costs wherever possible. As the economy reopens, many will also be looking to minimize on-site staffing for the foreseeable future, to keep employees safe and comply with social distancing requirements. A straightforward way to reduce costs and minimize the...

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Migrating to Android devices
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 11 May 2020| Business Insights
Why Your Business Should Consider Migrating to Android

Microsoft’s waning support for the enterprise mobile computing market has been a concern for years, and it has gotten worse now that Microsoft has ended all support for Windows Embedded Handheld operating systems. This has brought an end to the operating systems that have powered millions of enterprise mobile devices for nearly a decade or...

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Network Security Trends 2020
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 22 April 2020| Industry news
Top Security Trends during Pandemic in 2020

Network security is on everyone’s mind under normal circumstances, but when you add a pandemic to the mix, the landscape becomes even more vulnerable. With higher percentages of employees working remotely (particularly now with stay-at-home orders in every state), along with a wide variety of apps available for download and customers looking for a seamless...

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