Wi-Fi network planning
5 Questions to answer before planning your Wi-Fi network

HarborTech Mobility is an industry leader in Wi-Fi networking solutions, network architecture design, global IT deployments and IT managed services. We have listed the following five questions that can help you plan your network. Network Coverage: When planning a new network or expanding your current network, the first step is to determine your wireless network...

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Ronald McDonald House
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 12 February 2019| Industry news
HarborTech Mobility’s team volunteering activity at Ronald McDonald House, Seattle

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Western Washington & Alaska supports seriously ill children and their families. They ensure families don’t have to worry about basics like a place to stay, where they will find their next meal, or where they can take a shower; instead can focus on their child’s medical treatment. On Jan...

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Rob- Sr. Consulting Architect
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 28 January 2019| Company News
HarborTech Mobility announces our new team member- Rob Burgoyne

HarborTech Mobility is proud to announce and welcome Rob Burgoyne as the Sr. Consulting Architect. Rob will be responsible for delivering advanced wireless consulting and architecture to HarborTech Mobility’s strategic accounts. Rob joins our team from GCI General Corporation, Inc. located in Spokane WA. Rob with his family moved to Spokane WA recently from Palmer...

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Hybrid IT
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 10 January 2019| Networking, Solutions
4 hybrid IT strategy tips for SMB’s

For many SMB’s implementing a hybrid IT architecture can present significant challenges to business operations. This is especially true if you have limited funds and insufficient IT staff to deploy the project successfully. HarborTech Mobility has the right end-end networking solution for SMB’s. We become an extension of your team and help you reach your...

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Guest Engagement
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 18 December 2018| Industry news, Retail
How Contextual Guest Engagement can benefit retail stores

Nearly all consumers carry a mobile with them when they leave home. And a clear majority wish to use their smartphones while shopping in stores. Connecting via mobile is the best way to engage with modern shoppers. HarborTech Mobility can help you achieve this by using smart network solutions, set up guest wi-fi and real-time...

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Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 07 December 2018| Network Security, Solutions
10 security trends to watch and ways to prepare for the coming year 2019

It’s that time of year again when we look back to look ahead. This has been quite a year for data breaches, a rise in hidden crypto mining malware, and lots of victims continuing to fall for ransomware and other botnet attacks. The 2019 security landscape holds new promise, threats, developments, and opportunities to collectively...

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Retail technology changes
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 06 December 2018| Customer Verticals, Digital Workplace, Networking, Retail
5 Factors Driving the change in Retail Operations

Digital technology is changing the way we live and certainly the way we shop. With the rise of the internet, social media, and mobility, consumers now have access to a wealth of information to guide them along their path to purchase. While more than 50% of retail sales are being influenced by online, 90% of...

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RFID Asset Tracking
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 26 November 2018| Business Insights
Automating Your Inventory and Asset Tracking with RFID

Over the past decade, radio frequency identification (RFID) has become an increasingly popular alternative to barcoding. It provides a vastly more efficient and significantly more accurate way to locate and track inventory, and many industries have been adopting RFID, especially as the required costs have come down. In this article, HarborTech Mobility has explained why...

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Guest Wi-Fi
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 15 November 2018| Industry news
HarborTech Mobility illustrates the need to build Guest Wi-Fi Access

Client device mobility is ubiquitous in today’s world with the average user having 3-5 devices per person. Guests are tethered to the internet for social and professional activities at all times. HarborTech Mobility suggests one of the best ways to connect with them is through Guest Wi-Fi, connect on the device they’re currently holding in...

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