RFID Asset Tracking
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 26 November 2018| Business Insights
Automating Your Inventory and Asset Tracking with RFID

Over the past decade, radio frequency identification (RFID) has become an increasingly popular alternative to barcoding. It provides a vastly more efficient and significantly more accurate way to locate and track inventory, and many industries have been adopting RFID, especially as the required costs have come down. In this article, HarborTech Mobility has explained why...

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Guest Wi-Fi
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 15 November 2018| Industry news
HarborTech Mobility illustrates the need to build Guest Wi-Fi Access

Client device mobility is ubiquitous in today’s world with the average user having 3-5 devices per person. Guests are tethered to the internet for social and professional activities at all times. HarborTech Mobility suggests one of the best ways to connect with them is through Guest Wi-Fi, connect on the device they’re currently holding in...

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Using the Internet of Things to Improve Retail Customer Experiences
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 08 November 2018| Business Insights, Partner News
Using the Internet of Things to Improve Retail Customer Experiences

Retailers can no longer engage in business as usual. HarborTech Mobility can help retailers adapt to the changing marketplace and embrace digital transformation to attract customers and survive competition from successful disruptors. Digital transformation isn’t just figuring out how to reach and serve customers across multiple channels. It’s not just about providing online orders with...

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Enterprise Networking
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 01 November 2018| Industry news

Today advanced technologies such as automation, machine learning, and IoT continue to gain significant traction. It is important to stay on top of these trends. HarborTech Mobility can help you make the right strategic decisions around your enterprise network to enable digital growth while remaining stable and secure. ENTERPRISE NETWORKING IMPERATIVES Network as a Strategic...

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Label Printers and Supplies
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 25 October 2018| Industry news
Extending the Life of Your Label Printer with Better Supplies

On average, most businesses spend 3 to 10 times more on printing supplies than they do on the cost of their label printers. This makes it tempting to reduce costs by using cheaper labels and supplies, but doing so often has the opposite effect. HarborTech Mobility can guide you to avoid the problems by investing...

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Save on Tariffs
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 17 October 2018| Industry news
Tariffs on China imports will raise Networking Hardware prices

As we all know, the US Government announced a 10% tariff, starting Sept 24, on Chinese imports, which includes networking components and hardware. Enterprises will have to pay more in the future for networking gear because of this tariff. If the first duty isn't enough to draw a trade agreement from China, then the administration...

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Zebra's MC9200
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 08 October 2018| Industry news
Need a Truly Rugged Handheld Terminal? HarborTech Mobility suggests Zebra’s MC9200

Enterprise mobile computing is transforming, with industrial devices taking on smaller and sleeker form factors. However, in the toughest environments, where devices are exposed to the harshest abuse and workers still need or prefer access to physical keypads and navigation buttons, traditional rugged handheld terminals are still a mainstay. HarborTech Mobility recommends Zebra’s MC9200 handheld...

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10 Steps in designing a WLAN network
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 26 September 2018| Industry news

Wireless local area networks (WLAN) are now mission critical. Gone are the days where WLAN’s provided convenience, modern devices now require them as the sole means of connectivity to the internet or enterprise network. To go a step further, today’s end users expect high performing simple to use WLAN’s as mobility requirements evolve in everyday...

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Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 07 September 2018| Company News
Excited to announce our newest member to the HarborTech Mobility team, Becky Herwander

We are excited to welcome our new team member Becky Herwander. She has joined our team this week as Senior Project Manager. She will be handling some of our top accounts and helping us create a new process for managing projects. Becky has spent the last 18 years of her career in Nordstrom and Tableau...

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