HTMI cloud and managed services
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 17 May 2018| Services
HarborTech Mobility’s Cloud and Managed Services

Today, many organizations are struggling to align IT resources with their business requirements.  IT needs to be efficient, enable business activities to be profitable and differentiated, all while thinking 3-5 years ahead. The people that make it all happen are constantly asking themselves “How do I do this while doing everything possible to keep what...

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Inefficient labels affect barcode scanners
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 10 May 2018| Solutions
Are Your Inefficient Supplies Hurting Your Business Operations?

HarborTech Mobility understands labels are mission critical for a few businesses. Using substandard labels can slow down barcode scanning, disrupt inventory and deliveries, cause expensive printhead failure, and create a constant need to reprint. If inefficient supplies are affecting your workflow, submit the below assessment form. HarborTech Mobility along with Zebra will give you in-depth analysis of...

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A big shout out to our engineers
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 27 April 2018| Company News
A Big Shoutout to HTMI Engineers

Last week, HarborTech Mobility was able to detect and inform a customer of a critical networking outage before the customer even realized the network was down. A power failure interrupted a facility that was about to come online as the business day started, so it was critical to get the network back online as quickly...

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HTMI's partnership with OETC to provide Extreme Network Solutions
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 10 April 2018| Education, Partner News
HarborTech Mobility’s Partnership with OETC to Provide Extreme Network Solutions

We are excited to announce that HarborTech Mobility has partnered with OETC to proactively support schools to achieve their technology needs with Extreme Network’s solutions. Read more about our partnership with OETC. HarborTech Mobility, Inc. can now help you accomplish your networking needs – wireless, switching, routing, security, identity control, analytics and network management solutions. We...

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HTMI offers Go Zebra trade-in program
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 04 April 2018| Partner News
HTMI & Zebra Technologies Offer Go Zebra Mobile Devices Trade-In Program

Change is a constant in technology, pushing companies always to adjust to meet the demand for advanced connectivity, mobile integration, and device intelligence. HarborTech Mobility is proud to be partnered with Zebra technologies that innovate and updates every product according to the technology, keeping it accurate and efficient. Zebra engineers its scanners, mobile computers, tablets...

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HarborTech with Extreme Network s offer OPEX as a service
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 26 March 2018| Partner News
HTMI & Extreme Networks offer OpEx-as-a-Service

During the past decade, ‘IT infrastructure ‘and ‘change’ have become synonymous. To remain competitive, organizations need a way to invest in critical IT infrastructure that offers end-to-end flexibility while protecting valuable capital. HarborTech Mobility in partnership with Extreme Networks, enables organizations to address their ever-changing needs with an easy-to-use OpEx as-a-service acquisition. Benefits of OpEx...

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HarborTech Mobility offers SSO Service
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 14 March 2018| Services
HarborTech Mobility’s SSO Service

As the enterprise migrates services towards the cloud, end users and administrators face hurdles that compete with IT security policy and requirements. For example, users may have multiple accounts in which they have to manage and maintain in order to access these cloud-based and internally hosted services. Administrators face challenges with IT helpdesk support and...

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Congratulations to our Engineer on passing ACCP
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 07 March 2018| Company News
Congratulations to Ayoub on passing ACCP!

  HarborTech Mobility's engineering team is committed to continuous training and improvement to better support our customers. We recently hit a milestone with an unheard of five engineers certified on Aruba ClearPass. The Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) certification validates that you can design and integrate networks that use ClearPass products. This certification validates your ability...

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HTMI Company Meeting 2018
Posted by HarborTech Mobility | 07 February 2018| Company News
2018 Company Kickoff Meeting

  We recently completed our 2018 CKO (company kickoff meeting).  It was great seeing and collaborating with HarborTech team members and partners over the two-day event.  This year’s company kickoff meeting was held at our new corporate headquarters located in Bothell, WA.  Our company kickoff meeting provides a great format to share our goals and objectives...

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