Bringing Enterprise-Level Wi-Fi to SMB’s

Enterprise-level Wi-Fi for SMB's

Technology is evolving very rapidly, and with the most recent changes our world is experiencing, wireless technology is being put to task.  For a small business, one of the biggest challenges is achieving enterprise-level performance on a Wi-Fi network. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which SMB’s can overcome the obstacles faced by lack of infrastructure.

In a small business environment, it’s likely there are multiple types of devices working off the same network.  From smartphones, laptops, and tablets to desktops, mobile computing devices, and printers, there’s a lot going on under one roof.  For the most part, internal IT teams have a handle on keeping devices online and communicating.  However, at some point, it is determined that communications and productivity could be more efficient if only they could achieve enterprise-level performance with the security and reliability that comes along with it.  Well, we’re here to tell you it’s possible.  Here’s how to make it happen:

Consider Wi-Fi as a Service

It’s quite common for small businesses to subscribe to cloud-based apps and office packages like Microsoft Office 365, ShareFile, and others.  The same is possible with Wi-Fi as a service (WaaS), which is a subscription-based service combining hardware, software, and managed services in one convenient bundle.  This works for many SMB’s for several reasons:

  • No capital expenditures
  • Predictable monthly operating expenses that allow focus on business growth
  • Maximize already-limited IT resources

With WaaS, businesses don’t need to try to figure out what hardware would work best in their environment or how to plan for equipment upgrades.  Based on the unique needs of the business, the right technology will be selected by your provider to support security and performance requirements.

Another advantage is the support you receive with a WaaS subscription.  It’s widely known that IT resource is always stretched to the max between user support and projects needed to support existing and future growth of the company.  With WaaS you can count on consistent support with extended hours to supplement existing resources.

Choosing the Right Provider

The fact that your existing vendor can procure the hardware for your wireless network doesn’t necessarily mean they know what would work best for your needs.  They may also lack the skillset to do the upfront work to ensure your infrastructure supports current and future demands.  Ideally, you’ll want to enlist the services of a provider who also offers these services:

  • Network Assessment / Site Survey
  • RF Design / Heat Maps
  • Installation / Deployment
  • Staging / Configuration
  • Post-Sale Support / Training

In today’s world, your network is as critical a component as electricity, heat, and hot water!  An organization cannot afford to be down for an hour, let alone several hours or even days.  The focus is typically on speed, security, and reliability – not necessarily in that order – and consulting with a network professional is a smart decision.

If you’re ready to explore enterprise-level Wi-Fi network performance for your business, then it’s time to talk with us about Tidal, a platform designed by us to support enterprise-grade network infrastructure and mobile device solutions on an as-a-service basis. Call us today to find out more about how we can build a wireless network that works for you today and can be scalable enough for tomorrow.

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