Dynamic Segmentation for the Modern Network Edge

Dynamic Segmentation for the Modern Network Edge

The increasing demand for a mobile workforce is in full swing, and modern businesses face new challenges meeting the expectations of its savvy and connected users. With the exponential growth of the internet of things (IoT) coupled with security requirements and a limited and often overburdened IT staff, the need for digital workplace innovations is paramount. The outdated and unwieldy task of statically configuring the network is behind us. The modern network edge- Dynamic Segmentation with the capability to connect devices to the network on the fly is revolutionizing the way we approach modern network architecture.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic segmentation brings to the table, the ability to solve complex problems in an intelligent way that provides a secure and consistent experience both via wireless and/or wired connections regardless of device type. Simply put, dynamic segmentation allows the IT department to push their existing secure wireless configuration to the wired network with a simple and unified solution.

Traditionally, in static based architectures, the IT department managed multiple touchpoints to provide a working solution to it’s connected mobile workforce. The static configurations were complex, time-consuming to configure and manage, and often difficult to troubleshoot. The term “consistent” wasn’t even in the picture since the user’s experience between wireless and wired connectivity was not even remotely the same.

Design a Simple Network

Dynamic segmentation allows us to design a secure and scalable network with simplicity at the forefront with a unique and consistent experience between both wired and wireless connections. With a single pane of glass for configurations and management, we are now able to provide a secure and simple user experience with minimal IT involvement. Users are now able to roam freely from desk to the conference room with the same consistent network experience both on the wired and wireless networks.

Growth and Scalability

Dynamic segmentation greatly simplifies the growth and scalability of your network. As the need for additional wired switch ports organically grow the means of doing so is greatly simplified. No longer does your IT department need to configure the new switch statically. Instead, allow your new hardware to be dynamically configured on the fly with dynamic segmentation.

Network Security

With the growth of IoT and the simplicity and convenience, it provides to our daily lives new security concerns are introduced to the organization. Businesses must protect their critical data, and by utilizing dynamic segmentation, we may easily provide the connectivity the IoT devices require while segmenting them from secure portions of the network. By dynamically and intelligently assigning a policy to the network edge, the IT department is free to focus on other more important tasks while being assured the network edge is now secure free from their involvement.

The modern mobile workforce is more demanding than ever. They expect a seamless connected experience with minimal IT involvement. IoT connectivity requirements pose security challenges that are easily solved with dynamic segmentation. By utilizing this solution in the network edge, users now have the ability to roam securely from wireless to wired connectivity with the same familiar and easy to use experience.

HarborTech Mobility is the leading provider of dynamic segmentation solutions for your modern network edge. To learn more contact one of our dynamic segmentation experts today.

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