Extending the Life of Your Label Printer with Better Supplies

Label Printers and Supplies

On average, most businesses spend 3 to 10 times more on printing supplies than they do on the cost of their label printers. This makes it tempting to reduce costs by using cheaper labels and supplies, but doing so often has the opposite effect. HarborTech Mobility can guide you to avoid the problems by investing in better supplies with guaranteed printhead protection.

Here are three common and costly problems with cheap and low-quality supplies.

  1. Cheaper and lower-quality labels will often require excessive print darkness.

This is because they’re not designed for specific applications and don’t use quality, specialized materials to ensure consistent barcode scanning, readability, and durability. You end up using more print darkness to compensate for poor printing and the inability of low-quality labels to withstand environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, rubbing, scratching, moisture, or chemicals.

Durable, readable barcode labels require the right combination of label components and printer ribbon, and the right matches for your application. If you have a mismatch and you end up using more print darkness to compensate, you’ll end up burning through your printheads too fast. This can add up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

  1. Poor print output often causes scanning issues and requires reprinting.

Consequences of poorly printed barcode labels include unscannable barcodes and unreadable information. As a result, you’ll end up having to reprint labels, which wastes supplies and adds to your total costs. Moreover, it also means your business-critical scanning operations could suddenly come to a halt, and you could end up losing track of inventory, products, or assets.

How much will this cost in terms of your bottom line and customer satisfaction? That’s a question most companies would rather not have to ask.

  1. Label printing problems consume valuable IT time and resources.

Most companies want their IT team focused on important projects and strategic work. Those without dedicated IT resources often rely on outside third parties to manage their technologies. In either case, the last thing you want to do is end up wasting valuable IT time and resources on dealing with avoidable problems, such as labeling and print quality issues as well as printer repair and printhead replacements.

With quality, custom-matched supplies designed to ensure application-specific print quality while minimizing printhead and printer wear, you can prevent these issues and keep IT resources focused on where they’re needed most.

It is always better to pay a bit more up-front due to the superior quality and consistency and save considerably over the long run. Ask experts at HarborTech Mobility for the right supplies designed specifically for your printer and application, and you’ll avoid reprinting costs, scanning disruptions, and unnecessary printhead replacements

To learn more about extending the life of your printers and lowering your total printing costs, contact HarborTech Mobility at 425-424-0444 or email us for pricing and expert recommendations.

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