HarborTech Celebrates partnership with Aruba Networks

For almost a decade, HarborTech has been a proud partner of Aruba (A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), covering the Pacific Northwest. From healthcare and manufacturing, to non-profit organizations and education, organizations of all shapes and sizes struggle with similar challenges:

  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Bandwidth Availability
  • Security
  • Device Deployment
  • Cloud Adoption

It’s no mistake that we’ve been advocates of the Aruba product line for a number of years; the quality of the technology they develop, and the satisfaction of our customers are two elements that are closely tied together.  Our customers are our priority, and want them to be able to grow and improve network operations and security so they may more easily grow and evolve.  We have logged many hours training and understanding how we can help our clients commit to safer, more secure networks while operating with more power and efficiency. 

In terms of product expertise, several of our engineers have earned certifications and educational credits in Expert, Professional and Specialist classifications for solutions like ClearPass, Edge, Mobility and Switching. This enables them to educate and train our technical and sales teams so they may be able to guide and inform in a way that will benefit our audience most.

HarborTech Mobility continues to set the standard of what a reseller partner should strive to be. Their technical acumen is second to none, only rivaled by their ability to provide world-class customer service. We appreciate their tight integration with our sales and leadership teams, and as a result, customers should feel comfortable trusting HarborTech with their valuable IT spend.


Here is a sampling of some of our most popular solutions:

Aruba ClearPass
Today we’re connecting so many things to our networks like mobile computing devices, rugged tablets, security cameras, lights, POS systems, HVAC systems and many more connected devices.  Knowing when, where and what is joining our network can be difficult to track and keep secure.  Aruba ClearPass is a product we often recommend, because it allows you to achieve full-spectrum visibility.  It even includes hard-to-detect devices – whether they are wired or wireless.  ClearPass enables rapid identification and it’s all in the cloud, so you can keep pace with the evolution of these devices.  If your network is as IoT driven as most company networks, you will likely benefit from the security and compliance features ClearPass offers its users.

Aruba ESP

ESP stands for Edge Services Platform. What is the edge?  The edge is a term used to describe the convergence of people, technology and data to enhance capabilities and experiences.  If you think about it, first there was mobility (so much more freedom!), then cloud computing (wow – so much space!) and now we’ve got the edge (our people, our data, our devices).  Aruba gives organizations the power to:

  • Fix problems before they happen
  • Unify infrastructure
  • Provide Zero-Trust security
  • Automate and protect the edge
  • Resolve issues before they impact users
  • Troubleshoot on a single platform

From robots in a manufacturing plant, to augmented reality and more personalized experiences wherever we go – our networks have to work hard to manage and keep secure all the incoming and outgoing data, technology and users.  That’s where Aruba ESP can help.

Dynamic Segmentation

Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation provides simple, scalable and secure management of policies without compromising security.  This policy enforcer enables users and wireless or wired devices, including IoT, to be on the network without interfering with each other.  It can also lock down access and separate different kinds of traffic. As one of the first of its kind, Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation ensures your devices do not impact operations or IT policies.

Learn more about Aruba solutions here, then contact us to explore the options that are best for you.

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