HarborTech Mobility awarded as one of the top 10 Enterprise Mobility solution providers- 2019

Enterprise mobility Solution Provider- 2019

Companies today are looking for turn-key WLAN networks to support every element of their IT infrastructure- from mobile devices to printers and laptops, critical servers, storage devices, guest wi-fi, and dozens of other mobility solutions. Each element processes and stores corporate data and mission-critical information.  Founded in 2010, HarborTech Mobility has the experience, expertise, and resources needed to design and deploy a secure wireless network infrastructure and enterprise mobility solutions across all major vertical industries.

CIO Applications listed HarborTech Mobility amongst the top 10 enterprise mobility solution providers of 2019. HarborTech Mobility is not a typical IT solutions integrator; we specialize in one area of expertise: WLAN and mobility. Our technical resources, experience, and our ability to execute both domestically and on a global scale position us ahead of the competition. We are focused on building long-term business relationships with our partners and committed to providing superior customer service, innovation, and next-generation mobility solutions for our customers.

HarborTech Mobility also offers complete end-to-end services to support our customer’s network deployment across industry verticals. We provide a variety of professional, managed, and outsourcing services through our 24/7 NOC, that can be implemented at any point in the network’s life cycle. We leverage the industry’s best practices and in-depth technical in-house knowledge to help dramatically reduce IT outages, improve mean time to resolution (MTR), and maximize the value of IT investments.

HTMI appreciates the recognition of amongst top enterprise mobility solution providers of 2019 from CIO Applications. We look forward to expanding our markets and continue developing mission-critical technology solutions, enabling end-user customer experience and data analytics.

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