HarborTech Mobility illustrates the need to build Guest Wi-Fi Access

Guest Wi-Fi

Client device mobility is ubiquitous in today’s world with the average user having 3-5 devices per person. Guests are tethered to the internet for social and professional activities at all times. HarborTech Mobility suggests one of the best ways to connect with them is through Guest Wi-Fi, connect on the device they’re currently holding in their hand. Create a Guest portal and use it to reach, interact, and engage with your guests.


WiFi guest access is a powerful addition for businesses of all sizes but not without complications surrounding the delivery of personalized customer experience, quality business network services, and uncompromised network reliability and security.

Customer expectations are incredibly high; They judge each interaction. Customers have little patience for limited access, poor application performance, or other frustrations, which in turn diminishes your brand, or worse, turns a customer away.

Moreover, the costs are high when Wi-Fi access is unavailable, outages occur, or worse; a security breach. Not only monetary costs but damage to the company brand, location, or event can cost you a lot more.

HarborTech Mobility can help you avoid these pitfalls by designing a secure, robust and comprehensive network solution with Guest Wi-Fi for your organization. This network will provide enterprise the visibility, troubleshooting, and guest portal capabilities to enable amazing guest experience and data-driven workflows while isolating core business-critical users, applications, and systems.

Key Feature- Analytics

Engage, inform, and monitor guests as they navigate your building, campus, or showroom floor leveraging your WiFi network and integrated marketing campaigns, to drive business results and increase customer satisfaction. This level of guest engagement is only possible with an intelligent WiFi solution that provides both real-time and historical data analytics across all dimensions from the network, clients, location, demographic, content analytics, engagement, and external data combined to provide the level of business intelligence required for operational excellence and marketing effectiveness. Leverage analytics to drive data-driven decisions giving valuable insights into the usage, profiles, and patterns of guests;

  • Which locations have the most traffic? And for how long?
  • The number of return visitors? And by age ranges?

Key Benefits for Your Business

  • Leverage WiFi analytics to drive business outcomes, brand loyalty, and increased customer satisfaction
  • Quickly and easily create splash pages without knowledge or expertise around HTML.
  • Provide personalized engagement and experience for your guests
  • Incorporate guest engagement into digital marketing and sales campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities using analytics

Visitors to your store, hotel, campus, or office expect Wi-Fi access during their time at your premises. Guest Wi-Fi access is the perfect opportunity to meet them at the intersection of physical and digital to engage with them in new ways to grow revenue and build your brand. Contact HarborTech Mobility today to help you design your network.

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