HarborTech Mobility is certified on Aruba IntroSpect

IntroSpect security solution

HarborTech Mobility is proud to announce we are now certified on Aruba Networks Introspect. We greatly appreciate our partnership with Aruba Networks and look forward to providing our customer with this advanced security solution.

What is IntroSpect?

Aruba IntroSpect, detects attacks by spotting small changes in behavior that are often indicative of attacks that have evaded traditional security defenses. Aruba IntroSpect integrates advanced AI-based machine learning (ML), pinpoint visualizations and instant forensic insight into a single solution, so attacks involving malicious, compromised or negligent users, systems and devices are found and remediated before they damage the operations and reputation of the organization.

What can IntroSpect detect?

IntroSpect provides 100+ supervised and unsupervised machine learning models focused on detecting targeted attacks at each stage of the kill chain.

Key Benefits of Aruba IntroSpect:

Advanced Analytics

  • 100+ supervised and unsupervised machine learning models
  • Adaptive learning
  • Extensible models (new use cases, data sources)

Widest Range of Data Sources

  • Packets, flows, logs, alerts
  • Any combination depending on use cases

Continuously Updated Risk Scoring

  • Weighted by severity, sequence, distribution and time
  • Business context informs risk score Accelerated Investigations
  • 10x reduction time and effort
  • Complete historical record down to the packet level

Fast Deployment

  • On-premise or cloud
  • Standalone or integrated platform
  • Ingest data natively or from SIEM, log management, packet broker
  • Streamlined start via IntroSpect Standard Edition

Enterprise Scale

  • Spark/Hadoop platform
  • Billions of events per day
  • Hundreds of thousands of users and devices

Proactive threat hunting is easily accomplished with a powerful query interface, without the overhead of finding, searching, and summarizing isolated data stores. For more information on IntroSpect, contact us today!

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