How Contextual Guest Engagement can benefit retail stores

Guest Engagement

Nearly all consumers carry a mobile with them when they leave home. And a clear majority wish to use their smartphones while shopping in stores. Connecting via mobile is the best way for guest engagment with modern shoppers. HarborTech Mobility can help you achieve this by using smart network solutions, set up guest wi-fi and real-time Wi-Fi and BLE-based location analytics.

Providing in-store Wi-Fi is evolving from a value-added extra to a pre-requisite, not only to meet customer expectations but also to provide innovative new forms of digital engagement, along with much-needed visibility on customer activity within the store.


Location-based services, using Wi-Fi and/or BLE technologies not only provide retailers with valuable insights, but they also open contextual marketing opportunities similar to those online retailers enjoy. Understanding shopper behavior, knowing which aisle they are browsing or which product category interests them, enables retailers to push

  • Promotions or special discounts
  • Information on new product launches
  • Coupons, and/or
  • Marketing messages according to location

Fully understanding customer behavior in the store and being able to act on it in real time gives retailers abundant marketing opportunities. The use of in-store Wi-Fi and digital technology provides both retailers and brands chances to generate impulse buys through targeted promotions


Recurring shoppers identified through the system can receive highly personalized offerings, relating both to their present location and personal preferences accumulated from previous store visits as well as from shopping behaviors across other channels.

Helping shoppers navigate the store

For shoppers, it is often a challenge locating specific items in large–format stores. Retailers can help customers logged into the store Wi-Fi navigate the aisles and find the zone where the item they are looking for is stocked.

Connecting shoppers and associates

A location-grade network can effectively help customers connect with a human interface as well. Using the shopper’s positional information to identify the nearest associate will result in quicker response times in helping customers. Very much the human equivalent of an online chatbot.

Optimizing the efficiency of store associates

Having oversight of and analyzing whereabouts of store staff tells retailers how much time is spent in each department. It also delivers insights on the ratio of associates to shoppers in a particular area. This information helps operations to more accurately plan personnel deployment and better optimize workforce management.


Real-time Wi-Fi analytics empowers enterprises to take their business to a new level with deeper insights. It will help retailers to engage their customers with a contextual-based personalized experience and, at the same time, improve operational efficiency.

  • Engage with customers through contextual-based personalized experience
  • Monitor workflow and assets to improve efficiency
  • Knowing where staff and resources are; connecting with customers that need assistance faster and utilizing staff more efficiently
  • Understanding traffic patterns and workflow; resulting in improved operational efficiency or customer experience
  • Leveraging wireless LAN for greater return on investment
  • Increased sales
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Enhanced shopping experience
  • Engaged employees
  • Better and more personalized customer services
  • Improved planning
  • Increased loyalty

Guest Engagement Engine considers all real-time analytics and executes personalized engagement policies and campaigns. Contact us to learn more about how Wi-Fi Analytics can help you to improve store operations and engage with the shopper in a personalized and contextual way.

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