Improve Warehouse Asset Tracking with Industrial Scanners

Improve Warehouse Asset Tracking with Industrial Scanners

Nowadays, barcodes and barcode scanning are virtually everywhere. All products, including industrial equipment, have barcodes, which can embed a vast amount of information for your business. By using the right barcode scanner, you can generate valuable data sets, improve asset tracking and management, and expedite decision-making.

What is a Barcode?

A barcode is a machine-readable code comprising numbers or patterns of lines, which helps represent data in a visual form. Businesses attach barcodes to their products for quick identification.    

Benefits of Industrial-Grade Rugged Scanners

There is no doubt that working in a fast-paced business environment can increase the risk of costly errors. This is because time-consuming manual processes can be tedious and very frustrating. And this is where asset barcode scanner systems can prove to be incredibly helpful. Asset tracking and management with the help of these rugged scanners can improve efficiency and eliminate errors so that your business can run smoothly.

From rugged warehouse environments to ultra-rugged external job sites, you can rely on Zebra Technologies’ corded and cordless industrial-grade barcode scanners to provide superior reliability and durability.

Improve Efficiency

Doing inventory without a barcode would need a lot of manpower as well as number crunching. With industrial barcode scanners, doing inventory is a breeze, and you can do it with a fraction of manpower. Rather than checking everything by hand, note that the barcode has all the essential information.  

The practically indestructible LI3678-SR cordless and 1D LI3608-SR corded scanners are ready and suitable for the toughest environments you can think of — the warehouse and your manufacturing floor.

Also, checking the history of specific items and assets on a shelf collecting dust and dirt in the old days would involve digging through old paper files, hoping that you did not lose or misfile a scrap of paper. With Zebra rugged barcode scanners, your workers can find out everything about a specific item in just a couple of seconds.

Customer Satisfaction

Zebra barcode scanners expedite the process of accurately gathering data and enabling access to real-time data and business intelligence across your organization’s functions. This is important as it can improve customer satisfaction by considerably lowering the time spent on resolving customer issues and problems.

The faster your company resolves customer queries and issues, the more likely you will leave a good and lasting impression on them, which can improve customer retention. Zebra DS3678-SR cordless and DS3608-SR corded scanners capture almost any barcode from near contact to up to 5 feet away. These rugged scanners include the latest features to deliver unstoppable performance, redefining management simplicity and reliability. 


Barcode scanners are also incredibly versatile as you can use them for any type of data collection, including inventory and pricing information. And since you can attach barcodes to almost any surface, apart from using them to track your products, you can use them on outgoing shipments and equipment. Zebra cordless LI3678-ER and corded LI3608-ER quickly capture almost any 1D barcode from as close as 5.1 cm to as far as 17.1 m away.

As a result, these scanners provide your business with the ultimate in versatility. They allow your workers to capture codes in hand and on the top of the warehouse racks.


Recently, one of our warehouse customers switched from a consumer-grade barcode scanner to a Zebra Technologies industrial scanning solution. Results, they are not only seeing better asset tracking and management but also now enjoying reduced downtime and maintenance and better productivity.

They initially used consumer-grade devices for warehouse scanning. However, these devices were a challenge to manage in the rugged and demanding warehouse environment. Our engineers suggested them to move off these consumer-grade devices to robust Zebra scanning solution that provided value with software integration and platform stability. At HarborTech Mobility, we help our customers optimize the management of these warehousing devices.

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