How to Increase Your Mobile Device ROI with Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device ROI

Mobile computers and printers are a strategic investment for many companies because they need to automate and mobilize their data capture and business workflows. HarborTech Mobility can help you achieve your goal of optimizing their return on investment (ROI), as it requires a long-term approach that looks well beyond up-front hardware costs.

Problems due to lack of proper MDM

The key to maximizing mobile device ROI is to manage your devices and maximize their value once they are deployed. This is because a lack of proper mobile device management (MDM) often leads to several severe and costly problems:

  • Security lapses from missed firmware updates and patches
  • The increased cost of ownership from a lack of preventive maintenance and repair
  • Reduced device performance, productivity, and utilization

Mobile Device Management Strategy

Fortunately, for users of Zebra mobile computers and printers, it’s easy to avoid these issues and optimize your mobile device ROI by implementing a good Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy with two purpose-built Zebra tools.

1. Asset Visibility Service (AVS):

Zebra’s AVS is a great way to manage, monitor, and help maintain your mobile devices without an existing MDM software solution. It provides an easy-to-read view of your hardware, including which devices are being used or not used, where each device is located, and which devices are where they shouldn’t be.

AVS delivers these at-a-glance insights by receiving securely transmitted data from all your devices—including predictive insight into device health, configuration, and performance. It even suggests corrective actions to help you move from reactive to proactive management.

2. Operational Visibility Service (OVS):

Zebra’s OVS is an excellent choice for companies that already use an MDM software solution to help them manage their devices. With OVS, you can easily interpret complex data collected from your MDM platform and Zebra’s internal repair and ticketing systems.

With Zebra’s OVS, you can chart trends in the distribution of devices, evaluate their performance, compare site reporting and analytics, look at how devices are being used, and configure visual alerts. It includes 25 pre-set and customizable reports with dozens of configurable options including the ability to trace device data back to your initial deployment.

To learn more about the importance of mobile device management, and to find out if Zebra’s AVS and OVS solutions are a good fit for your needs, contact our mobility experts at HarborTech Mobility today!

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