Mobile Device Management: Why It’s Important and 5 Elements of a Good Solution

Zebra mobile devices and mobile device management solutions

Whether you’re deploying mobile devices across your business for the first time or upgrading your outdated equipment, an important thing to keep in mind is how you’ll manage, secure, and maintain your hardware once it’s in use. At HarborTech Mobility, we understand that Mobile computers and devices are a major investment, and they require regular monitoring, maintenance, and updates to keep them running smoothly and protect them from potential security threats. It can also be helpful to understand how they’re being used, so you can train workers on best practices, make continuous improvements, and maximize your return on your investment.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do all of this by deploying a mobile device management (MDM) solution. Implementing MDM is crucial when you’re installing and integrating new devices, but it can also be used to monitor existing hardware.

HarborTech Mobility offers our customers best MDM options and helps you evaluate your hardware deployment and recommend software solutions that allow you to track, manage, and update your devices over their entire life cycle. The right provider will procure all your devices, load the required software, configure settings, and deploy your devices with MDM already in place and ready to go.

Here are a few key elements of a typical MDM solution:

  1. Tools to control applications installed or running on each device. These are crucial for maximizing worker productivity by preventing installation and use of unauthorized mobile apps.
  2. Utilities to help enforce security policies, such as verifying identity, controlling user and network access, and locking down home screens and web browsers.
  3. Security tools to keep firmware and operating systems updated and patched against emerging cyber threats.
  4. Remote software to monitor device health, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and address potential problems before they disrupt your workflows and cause downtime.
  5. Tools to track and locate devices so you can maximize utilization and make sure you don’t lose any of your hardware.

To meet these requirements, our team at HarborTech recommends upgrading to Zebra mobile devices and Zebra’s unparalleled MDM solutions.

Zebra is the world leader in enterprise mobile computing and offers an array of MDM tools and applications, and its hardware is compatible with SOTI and AirWatch, which are the world’s leading MDM solutions. With Zebra, AirWatch, and SOTI, you also get access to analytics and reports to help you track and monitor the health, usage, and performance of each device and all of its users. Best of all, it’s all visible remotely from a single, centralized portal.

Want to learn more about MDM with Zebra, SOTI, and AirWatch? Contact us today!

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