Locating assets within enterprises can often be a frustrating and time-intensive process. Assets, especially high value assets, are frequently utilized in multiple locations across an organization. Continually tracking their movement can be a difficult and inefficient process. The development of RFID technology and its utilization within wireless environments has lead to unique solutions helping to resolve these issues.

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) use RFID tags and wireless infrastructures to track the location and movement of corporate assets in real time. Utilizing a combination of wireless triangulation signals and signals created by RFID tags, assets can be tracked within feet of their location helping to reduce down time and the need for personnel to physically search for equipment.

RTLS initiatives require in-depth analysis of current wireless designs and an understanding of RFID tag technology; specifically, how tag sizes and different asset’s materials affect signals. Successful deployments are only achieved through accurate communication between all parties involved. Understanding specific business objectives and utilizing industry knowledge of the different technologies deployed are essential to a project’s success.

Using our technical team of wireless experts, HarborTech has the resources available to ensure successful and cost effective deployments.

Industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Wholesale/Distribution