Tariffs on China imports will raise Networking Hardware prices

Save on Tariffs

As we all know, the US Government announced a 10% tariff, starting Sept 24, on Chinese imports, which includes networking components and hardware. Enterprises will have to pay more in the future for networking gear because of this tariff. If the first duty isn’t enough to draw a trade agreement from China, then the administration said it would raise the tax to 25% on Jan 1.

Despite of the efforts of the networking companies to decrease the effects, the impact of this policy is significant. They have to pay more for the same incoming components used to build their equipment. It is obvious that they will pass on the added costs to customers by increasing their average selling prices. Enterprises should expect to pay more if they are planning for purchase/ upgrades in the next year.

Given the uncertainty over how long the tariffs will last, HarborTech Mobility suggests our customers to order networking hardware and mobile devices as soon as possible. We can help you get the best deals for networking hardware before companies increase their prices because of the tariffs.

Whether you’re planning a new network or looking to upgrade your network and mobility solutions, now is the time to do so. Contact us to save the added tariff cost on networking devices. You still have an opportunity to take the advantage, upgrade now or pay more later because of the Tariffs.

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