Turning Remote Work into an Advantage for Your Business with HPE Aruba Networks

Remote working

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a reminder of the challenges many companies face whenever there’s a disruption to business-as-usual.  At present, we are learning new information every day, and the prospects of having to close on-site operations yet continue essential business functions by remote working has become a reality.

Fortunately, we already live in a world and economy where remote work has become commonplace. Technology is making it easier all the time, and recent studies show that remote work is often more productive.

A survey by Airtasker, a gig economy platform, found that full-time employees who work remotely averaged only 27 minutes of unproductive time each workday, compared to 37 minutes for in-office workers. Remote workers also worked an average of 1.4 days more every month and were 17 percentage points less likely than in-office workers to avoid working when their screen time or mouse movements were being tracked.

Remote workers also spend a bit more time each day on breaks, averaging 22 minutes of break time vs. 18 minutes for in-office workers. But remote employees were more productive overall and worked more days each month, partly because 37% of them cited taking breaks as the most effective way to stay productive.

As studies like this yield more evidence to support remote work, it might not be all bad when our employees work remotely, even when it’s not by choice. Plus, technologies now make it possible to quickly transition an employee into remote work in as little as a few days.

To expedite your setup of remote workers, we recommend several solutions from HPE Aruba Network, the industry leader in wired, wireless and secure networking solutions. Here’s a quick rundown of Aruba remote working tools you should consider:

Aruba VIA

Aruba’s VIA provides a software client solution for secure remote teleworking from a company-issued laptop or mobile device. It’s supported on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices and can automatically scan and select the best secure connection back to corporate.

Aruba RAP (Remote Access Point)

Aruba RAP is a secure VPN solution with a built-in wireless access point. The same SSIDs broadcast at your corporate office are extended to your remote worker’s office. SSID functionality is identical, providing secure and seamless remote connectivity.

The Aruba RAP uplinks to your remote worker’s home or remote ISP, and a secure crypto tunnel is automatically built to the enterprise data center. A single PoE+ (power over ethernet) port provides data and power connectivity to an IP phone, and a second port provides connectivity to a company-issued desktop and/or any Ethernet-capable device.

Both solutions deliver big benefits and capabilities for remote workers, including the ability to operate just as they would if they were in the office.  One of the biggest advantages is the flexibility of these solutions and the ease at which they can be implemented.  Regardless of how your employees work, it’s a virtually seamless process with even more seamless operation:

IP Phone (Voice VLAN)

The IP phone is directly connected to the corporate voice VLAN. It works exactly as it would at the corporate offices.

Desktop Computer (Data VLAN)

Mobile Device / Laptop (Wireless VLAN)

Your remote worker’s company-issued mobile devices are directly connected to the corporate wireless VLAN. It works exactly as it would at the corporate offices.

Of course, any sudden emergency is never ideal, but these tools can help you switch to remote work faster and more effectively. And If you already own Aruba Networks mobility controllers, then a simple hardware and/or software addition can get your mobile workforce working securely from their home within a matter of hours.  If you need expert advice, guidance, sales or support, contact us at HarborTech Mobility to get started.

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